Thematic map, extending the view on Africa

I was given another assignment in GIS today. Our task was to create a thematic map based on the map we created in the first assignment. Since my first assignment was looking at the Albedo index during the month of June, 2016 for Africa, it made sense (to some extent) for me to look at Africa again.

Looking at the estimated population of countries in Africa (data from the surveys conducted by Natural Earth), we see that the top 4 populated countries are

  1. Kenya
  2. Egypt
  3. Congo
  4. Ethiopia

These data are definitely not up to day but I worked with what I have at this moment to create the map. I also learnt how to insert/make a legion for this map (aka legion for vector data) but learning how to make legion for raster data will have to wait until next time. Meanwhile, enjoy and thank you for visiting

update with thermomap of pop

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